Putin’s face in the sky scared to deathof americans

Во время урагана IRMA, как оказалось, of americans напугала не
only the element itself, but also the face of Putin, which they
saw in the menacing clouds.

Naturally, the social networks are in full swing discussion
this mysterious phenomenon, which witnesses captured on video and
laid out on the Internet. And again it is associated with
climate weapons that Russia supposedly has and which it
successfully applied now against the United States. Recall that for the first time about this
The information was published by the American edition of Liberty Beacon, the authors of that
articles all the current troubles of America and Europe blamed on the Russian Federation. From this
the publication followed that floods in Berlin, Paris are also
the Kremlin’s work, like many other natural disasters …

It turns out that the Russians “accidentally” flooded their own city
Ufa, having tripled the serious flood in Bashkiria, so what? And this,
it turns out, with the highest Russian skill
climate weapons, that it can even look out from behind clouds
of americans ликом грозного Путина? At least many
Witnesses of this strange phenomenon believed in it, although, of course,
most Internet users perceived it as a joke itself

But it’s not for nothing that they say that in every joke there is some truth.
Только если на of americans и глянул с неба лик Путина, Россия тут
it’s most likely caused by the clouds themselves, which, like
all in this universe, possess a certain mind (there is such
theory). The most striking thing that the Americans demanded from their
governments somehow influence Russia, which arranges such
terrible elements and terrible demonstrations, although they probably need to
better to go to the heavenly office …

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