Pyramids built aliens of the future?

Инопланетяне из будущего

There is an opinion that in the distant past primitive
mankind has witnessed the visit of the earth by representatives
some other extraterrestrial civilization. Aliens handed
Aboriginal many of their skills and knowledge. Why should they
it took to educate our ancestors is unknown, however
it is very difficult to suspect alien guests in altruism.
It is likely that it was necessary to conduct this or that
an experiment that is very possibly still ongoing. After
completing all of their “affairs” on our planet, the aliens flew off to
yourself home. However, many buildings remained on Earth, including
pyramids of Latin America and Egypt, testifying to
mega-advanced capabilities and intelligence of those who
designed. In recent years, it has appeared that our distant
Ancestors did not communicate with aliens at all, but … with their descendants
from the distant future! From this point of view, humanity is still
will reach such heights of development, when he will be subject to time
and space. It is possible that our descendants will inhabit
other planets. However, who exactly went into the past,
aliens of the future or earthlings of the future, or earthlings who
have become aliens, now remains a mystery.

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