Radio dictator in 1933 probably predictedfuture

An amazing rare audio appeared on the World Wide Web,
presumably dated 1933. Although not
no evidence of the authenticity of the record so old (and
freaky) radio broadcasts, some Internet habits have reacted
to her with confidence and even admiration. However, there was also a huge
number of skeptics who doubt the veracity of this

The announcer of a small American radio station for an unknown
reason then decided to make a forecast for the next two centuries,
so that people in 2133 could check if anything came true from
his predictions or not. Perhaps it was once conceived as
a kind of joke or training of intuition. One way or another, the material
turned out to be very interesting, especially for modern listeners
like us with you.

Now, in 2018, it becomes clear that the mysterious presenter was
in many ways right. It made many web users
to assume that the announcer was clairvoyant or traveler
in time. Or perhaps he personally knew some seer or
guest from the future. So, the man predicted World War II,
which “will prove to be very destructive, but will lead to
the emergence of a more developed society. “

The American said that over time the radios will become
as compact as many other electrical appliances.
The presenter also hinted at the invention of television. Besides he
predicted the emergence of unmanned vehicles that independently
will carry passengers. Finally, the mysterious broadcaster of the 1930s
years reported that by 2133 we would contact
aliens from a distant galaxy and we will live with them in

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