Radioactive cloud from the DPRK nuclear test site�can move to Vladivostok

Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
remained very pleased with the test on September 3 of the current year
The Punheri hydrogen bomb test site is intimidation of the United States, Japan and
South Korea.

This was confirmed not only by the official statement of the DPRK�
on national television (even with a hint of American
�“Achilles Heel” – Supervolcano Yellowstone), but also following
this is a 6.3 magnitude earthquake on the Richter scale.

The second push followed by a force of 4.3 points alerted and
even scared the world seismologists, because it does not portend
nothing good. The fact is that the Phungheri polygon represents
a mountainous area near the extinct volcano Pektusan. Rather
In all, a huge nuclear power was placed in a special
well or a tunnel drilled in the mountain.

Second earthquake after the hydrogen bomb
testifies that the rock has collapsed inside the mountain.
The likelihood that further downfalls will follow is quite
is great. Destruction is likely to continue until
�”Empty mining” will not collapse. And then all this monstrous
radiation from a nuclear explosion will burst out.

The Comprehensive Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty Organization
(International organization controlling the ban on nuclear testing
in the world) is now closely following this situation, her
specialists have a suspicion that the destruction of the mountain, where held
nuclear explosion continues to collapse. Rather всего, искусственная
the mine has collapsed and radiation has burst out.

A video appeared on the web, which dismantled computer
radioactive cloud behavior model. Scientists believe that rather
all, it will move towards Vladivostok. Although it is only

Nuclear war in the Far East, which is so afraid today
people all over the world have not started yet, but the consequences of the conflict between
The United States and North Korea are already being felt …

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