Random absurd deaths or all the samefate?

Sometimes accidents seem so ridiculous that,
it would seem, to avoid them was not any difficulty, show
unhappy even a little precaution and sanity. But is it
this? Maybe after all such sayings are born not from scratch
like “you cannot run away from fate”, or “who is destined to hang himself is not
will drown?

Briton took a painful death in the closet

Being a pensioner, 63-year-old Briton Elizabeth Isherwood past
in the summer I rented a house for myself in the Plas Talgarth hotel complex,
what is located in North Wales, not even knowing what all
it will end.

One night she went to the toilet, but accidentally got into the pantry
– and at this moment the door from the draft slammed behind her. And
a handle with a constipation for some absurdity breaks down as soon as a woman
trying to escape from the “trap”.

Then a former police officer removes shelves in the closet and
begins to disassemble the brickwork of the wall. But here it comprehends
failure – she stumbles upon a partition (at least, so
it seemed to Elizabeth, although in reality it was just hanging from
that side of the wall is a massive picture – and salvation was so

However, Isherwood decides to try happiness on the other hand.
pantry and starts punching the wall in the opposite direction, stumbles
on the drainpipe and accidentally damages it – in the pantry poured
cold water.

Almost completely stripped, gaunt and drenched
cold water, an elderly woman dies from hypothermia through
two days. All this time, Elizabeth has been crying for help. And that’s what
surprisingly, the housemate heard these cries, knocks, but … did not give
they value.

Death by ridiculous recklessness

And this case is almost a textbook, since it occurred with
famous American dancer, the second wife of Sergei Yesenin –
Isadora Duncan.

Since her ridiculous death is associated with a car, it is worth
immediately clarify that the machines played in the life of this woman some
mystical role. Suffice to say that in 1913 in
a car accident in Paris killed her two children along with
governess – “Reno” in some mysterious way fell into the Seine.
And и сама Айседора постоянно попадала в ДТП, хотя тут вроде все
it was very clear – she was madly in love with a fast ride “without any
rules. ” It was not by chance that many of her friends prophesied her death in
car crash.

Cause of death Duncan was actually a car, but he killed
its very original. In Nice September 14, 1927 for Isadora
her new, as they say, boyfriend Benoit Falketto drove in,
who, being the owner of the prestigious garage “Helvetia”,
drove around in a chic sports double car Amilcar CGSS.
By the way, Duncan’s friend Mary Destie, feeling something amiss,
strongly discouraged Isadora from this evening walk by car,
she literally ran after Duncan to the very door of the hotel, begging
return. But Isadora exclaimed, “Even if I knew that this
will be my last trip, it would still have gone to the insane
Nice races because you’re in love again! ”

But she was not destined to even drive away from the hotel. Sitting down
Duncan paid no attention to the long end of her red
scarf that hung down to the ground. As soon as the car
moved, this end hit the spokes of the rear wheel (yes, at that
while the car wheels were still on the spokes), Benoit gave gas – and
the scarf, quickly wound on the wheel, almost instantly broke
Isadora neck. All this tragedy was watched by Mary Desti, at the last
the moment she realized what was going to happen screamed terribly but her
no one heard. And the next moment is the great American
the dancer is gone …


The title picture shows “death dance” – more than 400
the inhabitants of Strasbourg in 1518 did not drink for several days, did not eat, and
they didn’t even sleep, they just danced and danced without joy
praying to God for mercy – until complete exhaustion and some monstrous
of death. What it was – no one really knows until now, but how
here not to believe that ridiculous deaths do not happen by chance,
since a man, as Woland noted from M. Bulgakov’s novel “Master
and Margarita ”, can not vouch even for his tomorrow. TO
this can be completely added, not at all mistaken – even for
next moment …

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