Rare natural phenomenon – green ray

Have you ever watched the sun set behind the sea
horizon? Of course, yes. And did you wait for the moment, the code top
did the edge of the solar disk come in contact with the sea and then disappear?
For sure. But maybe you noticed (if the sky was cloudless and
absolutely transparent) an amazing phenomenon that happens in that
moment when the radiant Helios throws his last ray? If a
No, do not miss the opportunity to make such an observation – and then in
Your eyes will hit a ray of amazing green. This unique
shade you will not find any more in the palette of nature itself, nor on
canvases painters.

Jules Verne has a novel called The Green Ray, the heroine.
who is chasing this rare occurrence throughout the archipelago
Hebrides, but, alas, in vain …

The green beam is an optical effect that can
last from one second to five minutes and appear flash
green and sometimes blue. As we said, arises
he is at that moment when the solar disk disappears over the horizon
(usually by sea).

You can observe the green beam in the presence of three conditions: open
horizon (at sea with no waves or in the steppe), clean
air and cloudlessness.

The usual duration of this phenomenon is several
seconds, however, this time can be increased if
effect quickly run up on a hill (in the steppe) or move
from deck to deck of a ship so fast as to position your eyes
regarding the beam persisted. American pilot and
researcher Richard Byrd managed to observe a green beam on
over 35 minutes. It happened during the expedition to the South
the pole at the end of the polar night: then the edge of the first time
the solar disk moved along the horizon.

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