Rare photo of Bigfoot posted

From 23 to 24 June in the US state of New Mexico held
Annual Conference “Dulce Base UFO Conference”, dedicated to
ufology, cryptozoology and other areas of the study of abnormal
phenomena. This event was first demonstrated
The above photo from the private collection in which
supposedly captured a real snowman.

An anonymous resident of the municipality of Pagosa Springs, Colorado,
finally decided to share with the world community this
a photograph he received in 2005 during a horse trek
near the territory of Hikarilla. In the picture you can contemplate
one of the participants of the journey near the streams, and in the background
among the trees one can see a massive anthropomorphic figure, which,
probably is the legendary bigfoot (this monster from the 1970s
years pestered the local Apache tribe Hikarilla, killing and crippling
Indian cattle). An eyewitness reports that the night before he and his
comrades heard near their tents loud breathing which is not
could publish neither a person nor any known official science

The American says that he got this shot for the next
morning, however, did not see anything unusual or
suspicious. However, after taking pictures, the man
immediately noticed one of them far away, about 45 meters away,
this huge silhouette.

Some conference participants suggest that speech may
to go about grizzly bear standing on its hind legs. Other cryptozoologists
they concluded that it was a real sasquatch.

In any case, the snapshot was a rather remarkable event.
for participants of the Dulce Base UFO Conference,
thus demonstrating that interest in the snowman among
cryptozoologists (and indeed researchers of the paranormal)
does not subside. Unfortunately, there is still no conclusive
proof of the existence of the yeti. But then
evidence of the reality of God does not exist, fend for it
approval of orthodox scientists cryptozoologists, nevertheless 80
percent of the world’s population believe in it and worship it …

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