Real photo of the moon surprised usersNetwork

If you ask the first comer, what is the color of the surface of the moon,
he will surely answer you that obviously gray, despite her
silver light at night. Numerous shots of a natural satellite
Lands have a really unsightly gray color, however
in fact, the heavenly body nearest us looks completely
differently. The lion’s share of photos of Selena, laid out in the World
spider web, was incorrectly processed, so that
the average man in the street and formed the opinion that the Moon –

In fact, Selena strikes with a variety of colors.
Photographer Alan Pyle at the request of the American National
the space agency processed one of the satellite images
the way to make the photo as close as possible to
reality in their color schemes. In this artist helped
the astronauts who saw the surface of the moon near their own eyes.
An interesting result, published on the official website of NASA, you
You can see the image below.

Planetologists say that according to the color palette of a celestial body
You can study its chemical composition. So, the color of the purple areas
talks about the absence of titanium and iron in them. In blue tint
painted areas where titanium, by contrast, very much. Darkest
color is the lunar crater Archimedes in the east of the Sea of ​​Rains.

It is reported that the picture chosen by the photo artist Alan Pyle,
It was received in 1965 during the Apollo mission. Astronauts
captured in the photo Selena, as they say, in all its glory, however
cameras of that time could not convey all the beauty of Selena.
However, today’s devices, even the most advanced, sin
by this. That is why the artist took on this task – to present the moon
the way a human eye would see her, and
possessing a sophisticated perception of all kinds of shades in this
a colorful palette …

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