Received new satellite photos of the amazingwater city of Nan Madol

Nan-Madol is an archipelago and a unique ancient city in the Pacific.
Ocean, located near the Micronesian state of Pohnpei. is he
is a multitude of artificial islets made
from basalt and coral blocks. On the islands connected by complex
system of canals, you can find the ruins of stone houses, palaces,
tombs and temples erected between 1200 and 1500 AD.
Then Nan-Madol was the capital of the local dynasty Sündeler.

Recently the so-called “Pacific Venice” measuring
New York, was re-photographed from the satellite. Turning on
the video below, you can see these pictures
with my own eyes. Project author Dr. Patrick Hunt, working
an archaeologist at Stanford University, more than once asked his
colleagues from all over the world question: why ancient civilization
it took to build a city in the middle of the ocean, away from others
civilizations? Unfortunately, the answer to this question was never found.

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