Record low temperatures recorded atEarth

Scientists from the University of Colorado have fixed a new record
incredibly low temperature. Remote researchers
discovered in East Antarctica peculiar spots, frost in
which reaches minus 98 degrees Celsius.

According to the Americans, it is so cold that a person
easily get an irreversible frostbite on the airways if
will be there just a few minutes. The previous record was
minus 89 degrees, was obtained in the same Antarctic in 1983,
however, now NASA’s high-tech satellites have allowed us to find
south polar mainland even colder areas.

But what are these spots? If you believe the American experts, speech
talking about various depressions, cracks and other indentations in the ice
shield where heavy icy air settles in the absence of wind and
moisture and stands at the bottom for many days, cooling down even more.

To finally confirm your data, American
climatologists intend to equip ground antarctica in East Antarctica
expedition, which will be entrusted to explore all these indentations.
True, the researchers will first have to develop technology
preheating the breathing air since, as mentioned above,
such low temperatures are deadly to humans.

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