Record rainbow captured in Taiwan

Record long rainbow that hung above the ground
almost 9 o’clock, captured at the end of last month in Taiwan. Two
scientists from the Republic of China have officially recorded this
phenomenon, although initially engaged in several other work.
Zhou Kwan-Yuen and Liu Xin-Yuen from the University of Chinese Culture in
Taipei managed to do it on November 30 right from the roof of their

Experts report that the multi-colored sky arc appeared
Not far from campus at 6:57 AM, but disappeared at 3:55 PM.
Thus, it existed for almost 8 hours and 58 minutes!
The authors of the discovery suggest that seasonal
monsoon. Note that the previous record belongs to the rainbow,
recorded in 1994 in the English county of Yorkshire. She is
delighted the eyes of scientists and ordinary eyewitnesses for about 6 hours.

Zhou Kwan-Yuen and Liu Xin-Yuen report that they climbed to the roof
campus after the rain specifically to see the rainbow. They
intended to prove the theory that every half hour a colorful arc
tapers by 7 degrees. While scientists for some reason do not report
they got this proof from them or not
they say with confidence that they were lucky
fix the longest rainbow. Now Taiwanese hope that
their rainbow falls into the Guinness Book of Records.

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