�”Rectangular hole” found onmoon surface

A group of foreign ufologists considered virtual cards
natural satellite of the earth and unexpectedly made a startling

Enthusiasts did not believe their eyes when they saw something
strange inside the Bancroft impact crater on the eastern border of the Sea
Rains. Black is clearly visible on the visible side of the moon.
a rectangle suspiciously reminiscent of a perfectly even
hole. The news instantly spread through many sites
dedicated to ufology and life beyond the Earth.

Taiwanese specialist Scott Waring, who became one of the authors
amazing finding convinced that he and his colleagues discovered the entrance
in the secret alien base, located inside the moon. Scott
has long suspected that the heavenly body closest to us can actually
to be a man-made object created by representatives
extraterrestrial civilization.

Say, the Moon visible to us is only a hollow
shell, inside which is a giant metropolis
aliens. According to Waring, such a space station appeared
in orbit of our planet long before the first fish
crawled to the ground. Perhaps the moon was created by “green
humans “to observe human evolution and control
over our race.

Anyway, ufologists say: black rectangle on
Selena’s surface is another serious proof
that the moon is not as simple as the scientists from around the world convince us and
NASA in particular. If this celestial body is uninhabited, then how
then explain the appearance of the described anomaly on it? Not to mention
about hundreds of others like this, as incomprehensible from the point of view
scientific views on the natural satellite of the Earth. Natural
whether? ..

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