Red Beach Celestial – Surrealspectacle

There is an amazing place in China in Liaoning
approximately 30 kilometers from the city of Panjin – natural
Shuangtai-Hekou Nature Reserve, where the banks of the Liaohe River are presented annually
тысячам туристов сюрреалистическое spectacle в виде ярко красного
Beach – Panjin Red Beach.

At first glance, this place seems fantastic because
takes you to another planet, as it were, where such prevails
the scarlet color is bright, fascinating and even frightening. In fact
there is nothing supernatural about it: in this color of the river bank
Liao are caked due to the abundance of Sueda algae here.

By filling in vast areas, these aquatic plants turned the local
beaches in the “pictures of horror.” The names of this natural phenomenon of man
came up with a lot, which is not surprising, since to look at
this natural surrealism comes every year tens of thousands
tourists from around the world.

By the way, Sueda seaweed does not always turn red at the sight of a person
the beaches here from spring to the end of summer have quite earthly
bright green color. But closer to the fall, they suddenly become
scarlet, demonstrating the incredible effect of unearthly beauty –
�”Alien landscape and romance” in the territory of almost 600 thousand
hectares, such a fluffy carpet in velvet and purple tones.

Despite the fact that Panjin Red Beach is called a beach,
lie on it you are unlikely to succeed, but everyone
admire this piercing beauty can stroll through here
special wooden bridges or glance over the vastness
scarlet “bloom” from one of the many viewing platforms.

It is said that not a single photo, not a single video about it
earthly miracle can not be compared with the impression that a person receives
from contact with the Red Beach of China personally. That’s why here in
Celestial rushes so many tourists, mostly those who
heard about this unearthly fairy tale from their loved ones. But
there are quite a few “returnees” – Panjin Red Beach is not easy
mesmerizing with its beauty, it also leaves in the soul either a label,
whether a clue, or even some secret key to the heart,
that make a person come back here again and again. Can,
is it really something unearthly? ..

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