Reddit users shared photosghosts

Users of the famous Reddit resource published in the last
time a lot of photos, which supposedly imprinted
ghosts or some other paranormal.

In the section of the site dedicated to supernatural phenomena,
heated debate continues about what
pictures below: something that goes beyond the usual or
but something that can be explained quite rationally. Hoaxes,
paradolic illusions and camera malfunctions really
possible, however, in many images as claimed
the specialists, in fact, captured the phantoms – come from another
of the world.

Orby in Port Arthur

A resident of Australia recently visited the city of Port Arthur on the peninsula.
Tasman and accidentally filmed mysterious white balls flying in
the air.

The first shot was taken in a memorial grove planted in
честь погибших солдат, а второй – при выходе из бывшей каторжной
prison, which is rumored to be inhabited by ghosts. Recall that
supernatural researchers call such balls
orbs. Orbs, according to experts, are entities from
thin world which is hard to see with the naked eye, however
It is possible to fix on a photo or video.

Thick ghost on a country road

Many site users thought that this phantom was similar to
Yeti Nevertheless, the author of the publication claims that it is still

According to him, he went with his comrades to the house, where recently
there was a major exchange of fire with the victims. The group moved on
country road and illuminated their way with lanterns. In a certain
it seemed to friends that someone was following him. They turned around and
even photographed the space behind them, but did not notice
nothing unusual. Only after reviewing subsequently received in that
night shots, a man discovered on one of them this obese whitish
фигуру – она-то, надо полагать, и шла за «охотниками».

Girl on a chair

A couple of years ago, the author of this publication worked with his
Aunts in a clothing store. Relatives men somehow
I photographed an empty chair in their boutique and forgot about it.

Only the other day she accidentally stumbled upon this picture
looking through the contents of your old phone. Woman was
shocked when I saw on the image of a translucent
a human figure sitting in that very chair. Fixed
The camera ghost resembles a girl with shoulder-length hair.
It is noteworthy that in the store for a long time various
inexplicable events that no one attached much importance.
Now much becomes clear …

Toothy creature on the ceiling

Most commentators spotted a mysterious
a terrible entity with an extended head, a toothy maw and a strange
body like a turtle.

User reports that his good friend was in front
a dream and nothing to do photographed the ceiling above her, immediately
looking through the resulting images. Taking another photo,
the girl suddenly saw this thing on her. Scared lady
instantly jumped out of bed and turned on the light, however in her bedroom
nobody turned up. However, this snapshot is
excellent proof that someone was on the ceiling. And in
принципе – нас постоянно окружают выходцы с того света, хорошо хоть
we often do not see them …

Pale man in old building

The building depicted in this photo was erected during the
times of slavery in the United States. According to the author of the photo, a small building
is just 150 meters from his own home and performs
the neighbors have the role of a pantry for garden tools.

Passing recently past this place, the American noticed in the dark
Placing a strange silhouette, similar to a chained person.
The man hurried to get his smartphone and take a picture of a phantom.
When he approached the building, the anomaly immediately disappeared. But, to
the surprise of our hero, the alleged ghost is relatively
well imprinted on the picture.

Phantom of a woman on an ocean liner

This photo was taken on board the British liner “Queen
Mary 2 “. One of the passengers left her cabin at night and set off
walk to the pool.

Once there, she took several photos at intervals
just a couple of seconds. Amazingly, one of the pictures seemed
vague silhouette of a woman with long hair and in a white robe, while
there was no one on the other images. Photos were taken without
flash or night mode, so the phantom was fixed not
too clear. However, the ghostly woman sitting above the pool and
looking directly at the photographer, you can still distinguish.

Orb near the abandoned hospital

Another orb captures the other day a resident of Saratoga County
New York. American walked at night near the abandoned
the hospital and decided to remove the empty dark building.

Никаких жутких ghosts в окнах бывшей больницы
was not photographed, but one of the pictures appeared
glowing white ball. Skeptics believe that such balls –
just dust particles or insects in the light of a flash. But
paranormal investigators argue that orbs are wrong
simple as they seem at first glance. They are different from insects
reasonable behavior, and to dust particles, they do not have any
relationship and confuse them with dust can only non-professional.

Ghosts of a man and a sheep in a graveyard

The next shot doesn’t look too serious, but we’ll not
hurry up with conclusions. The author of the photo claims to have received
the image of two ghosts walking through a graveyard in his
the city.

При этом один призрак, мол, принадлежит человеку, а другой –
a sheep Is this a phantom shepherd with his beast? Cases
observations of ghostly animals have been known for centuries, and this
происшествие, возможно, – не исключение. Unfortunately, the author
publications refused to show users of the resource
the original of his photo, from where he cut out this fuzzy fragment
with the supposed spirits of man and animal.

Shadow man in the apartment

A tall and dark anthropomorphic figure was captured on
camera in the apartment of one of the users of Reddit. Man living
one, explains that he established the observation after in his
apartment began to spontaneously move furniture.

The camera works automatically and takes a photo whenever
motion is recorded in her field of vision. One night when our
the hero was absent at home, the device took this picture. Master
жилища убежден, что на фото запечатлен человек-тень – существо из
urban legends that can be caught only with peripheral vision
or through recording equipment.

Ghost figure in a museum

The last photo from our selection was taken in pitch
the dark novice ghost hunter from the English city
Nottingham. Researcher visited with his companions
the local National Museum of Justice and finding themselves in the basement
buildings, took a lot of pictures there hoping to catch something

And in one of the images it turned out to be something
kinda Subtle transparent figure as if
was approaching the group at the moment this photo was taken.
Some commentators even saw the angry face coming from
graves, as if separated from his body. As you know, ghosts are not
very much like when people disturb them …

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