REN TV will reveal the last secret of StephenHawking

March 14, at the age of 77, Stephen Hawking passed away. AT
память о знаменитом физике и исследователе ATселенной РЕН ТAT покажет
A new documentary, which will be released instead of the program “Most
shocking hypotheses. “

Viewers learn the details of the life of a scientist who is past 33
year was confined to a wheelchair. From his youth he suffered from
neurological disease resulting in complete paralysis. ATрачи
argued that Stephen would not live to 24 years.

How did he manage to build one of the most striking
scientific careers in the history of mankind – and, without getting up from the chair,
reveal the secrets of distant galaxies?

How much the discoveries of a great physicist will change the fate
of humanity?

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