REN TV will unite Prokopenko, Chapman andShishkin

New decoding of the predictions of Nostradamus confirmed:
Earth is threatened by a cosmic catastrophe. Who will survive in it, and what
role in the revival of humanity assigned to Russia? Anne will answer
Chapman, Igor Prokopenko and Oleg Shishkin in a large-scale investigation
on REN TV.

For the first time, three leading documentary programs of REN TV merged
to create a big project dedicated to prophecies
Nostradamus. March 2 the whole evening on the TV channel – films about
predictor. Viewers learn about the secret society of followers.
Nostradamus and the catastrophe that awaits our planet.

The tectonic map of the Earth is changing rapidly. Activation
volcanoes across the planet confirms: to start a global
disaster enough fall of a small space body. New
deciphering the predictions of the French alchemist allowed to establish
the date of the dangerous collision.

Famous researcher of the Bible and “Centuries” of Nostradamus, doctor
Technical Sciences Alexander Lazarev, found in the writings of the predictor
shocking descriptions of future cataclysms. Medieval Soothsayer
during his lifetime he made a forecast, confirmation of which modern
Seismologists have found only today.

�“The earth will crack, the continents will disperse. Africa will move away from
Eurasia, other continents will move, it will cause colossal
changes, but they will be very fast, ”summed up the scale
disaster Alexander Lazarev.

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