Renovated wooden road – “trailof death”

Знаменитая деревянная дорога «Хуашань — тропа of death”,
laid over a precipice at an altitude of more than two kilometers (2100
meters) the other day, after repair, was re-opened to

For 33 days, Chinese top-ranked workers replaced this
«тропе of death” прогнившие доски на свежие, дабы знаменитый
Guided tour of Mount Huashan (near the city of Huayin Province
Shaanxi People’s Republic of China) again became available and, most importantly, safe.

Although it is still difficult to call it easy and one hundred percent
reliable, which is why taking such a risky step is the way to
of death” – отваживаются только любители экстремальных ощущений. The
no less, there are quite a few such people, why even such
the terrible trail across the precipice of two kilometers enjoys a huge
popular with visitors here: as the Chinese themselves, and
travelers from all over the world.

And imagine what it was to repair it on such
dizzying height! Naturally, some moments of this,
without exaggeration, extreme removed with a drone.
We offer to watch a unique video and evaluate how it works
Chinese repairman-spiderman.

The most amazing thing (look at the video) is that the Chinese
workers do their work very easily and without visible discomfort
from the fact that under them the real abyss. Now really
a person gets used to everything, especially if he is not afraid of his virginity
heights (otherwise, such work was ordered to you).

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