Reptiloid hit video in Guatemala

On the panorama of “Google” may have got the real reptiloid.
It happened last year when a mapping car
US company took pictures in the Guatemalan capital. On
several photos taken by the machine turned out to be an individual in
a uniform guarding an object. That’s just instead of normal
of a human face, he loomed something suspiciously
resembling the face of a large lizard.

At least that’s how it was imprinted on the panoramic images,
available to everyone on the popular Google Maps service.
What is this object, no one can say. Most likely he
is secret. His guard frightened users altogether.
World Wide Web, which immediately began to build various
fantastic theories of relativity of the personality of this humanoid.

Many network regulars agreed that it was
reptiloid, accidentally dropping the mask of a man and revealing to the world his
true face in front of the lens of a random camcorder.

No wonder many ufologists and conspiracy theorists claim that
among us there are constantly millions of people walking around
extraterrestrial civilization, skillfully disguised as earthlings. but
sometimes their disguise, they say, falters, and we can see how
these monstrous aliens look real. It is believed that
reptiloids secretly rule our planet, replacing governments,
scientists, media and religious figures. However, see for yourself and
draw your own conclusions …

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