Reptiloid presenter dropped livea mask?

Millions of conspiracy therapists and ordinary citizens from all over the world
are convinced that our planet has long been present
reptiloids are intelligent aliens, resembling both humans and
lizards. Moreover, it is believed that the representatives of this race entirely
govern our world, controlling all politics, finance, religion,
media, science and more.

The Draconians, as they are usually called, effectively mimic
under the people, but sometimes such a disguise allegedly gives failures. If a
believe supporters of conspiracy theories, most often reptiloid issue
eyes that become momentarily lizard, that is, terribly cold
and often with narrow slit-like pupils. Amazing but
maybe just such a moment alert American viewers
recorded recently, watching the news on the well-known cable
Fox News Channel.

The presenter talked about the US military in Afghanistan and in
a certain moment, presumably unwittingly, revealed
its alien entity. When she, looking at the camera, blinked, her
his eyes suddenly looked cold, inhuman. Conspiracy therapists
immediately thought it was a reptiloid who put on a mask
person Meanwhile, skeptical viewers have suggested
that the TV presenter just had contact lenses, which in the studio
lighting acquired an unusual light shade – the game

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