Researchers believe that the pictures of Marsanimal tracks are visible

NASA puts a huge amount of free access
photographs of the surface of Mars, and virtual archaeologists tirelessly
study these images in the hope of finding something on them
unusual. These independent and unencumbered researchers
believe that the Red Planet is an inhabited celestial body
and, most interesting, constantly find evidence of this. So, in
The World Wide Web recently appeared two curious recordings,
presumably showing animals on mars.

The authors of the first find are Russian experts. They
discovered on one of the Mars images taken by NASA, a huge
symmetrical object shape. Its length is about 2
kilometer 300 meters, and width – 570 meters. Ufologists have suggested
that we are talking about a spaceship idle on a distant planet, however
many commentators immediately stated that this is an animal similar to
the bull. Perhaps a huge Martian beast once died long ago and

Another video was published on YouTube by foreign experts from
Society “Disclose Screen”. They уверены, что нашли на Марсе
habitable multicellular organisms ecosystem. More
In addition, some photos of the Red Planet, according to
online researchers, demonstrate whole herds of alien
animals consisting of hundreds of individuals! If this is true, then
it remains only to wonder why NASA is not even trying to classify
similar frames. Whether in the hope that all these virtual discoveries
archaeologists do not prove anything, or knowing much more about Mars, and
therefore, understanding the true nature and naivety of these “artisanal
discoveries “…

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