Researchers have discovered on the comet the nextUFO

Comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko is constantly surprised by the fact that
virtual archaeologists and ufologists periodically find on her
photographs that there, in principle, should not be.

In principle or according to orthodox scientists? Exactly
ironically retorts this famous Taiwanese statement
Scott Waring, paranormal investigator of all kinds:

Aliens surround us not only on Earth, they are masters of
our entire solar system. Therefore, there is nothing surprising in
that we find their footprints on Mars, the Moon, now on a comet
Churyumov-Gerasimenko, which was able to fly and make a lot
pictures from this cosmic body. There are aliens even in the sun.
But NASA experts and similar “scientists” do not find aliens.
even on Earth, the “flying saucers” which today does not see and does not
notices only the blind, what can we say about more
remote space objects of space? And about the big space in
overall? ..

Изучая снимки, полученные с кометы 67Р, специалисты по UFO вновь
discovered on one of the photos an object of artificial form, which they
they immediately called the ship aliens, because to assume that on
A comet has its own intelligent life – this is too much even for
wildest minds.

However, the subject discovered by ufologists on a comet
Churyumov-Gerasimenko, it is really difficult to call part of this
cosmic body – he is too natural for her. Therefore
independent researchers have decided that, most likely, this is a spaceship
aliens who landed in his time here landing.

By the way, the research probe “Fila” found on the planet 67P�
organic matter, and in considerable quantities is a fact. Where is she from
this lifeless cosmic body? The explanation of such a riddle can
to be only a visit to the comet by intelligent beings – aliens.
Today’s finding ufologists once again proves it, albeit
indirectly. But independent researchers never have anything
except indirect evidence. And this is already a lot, if the official
science all other evidence strenuously hiding from the wide
the public …

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