Residents of Kazakhstan have found a landing place for the shipalien

Kazakhstan’s Bozai village is becoming increasingly popular –
just after channel 12 of republican television
told that local residents are twelve kilometers from the village
found the place of the landing of the alien ship.

In reality, as TV journalists specify, villagers
discovered something unusual in the steppe: as if someone had carved on the ground
a huge diamond with a length of 12 and a width of 4.5 meters. And the soil of this
giant geometric shape was very “neatly shifted”
almost a meter.

You admire, say villagers from the screen of television,
a huge piece of soil is shifted, with the diamond figure itself
not broken. Moreover, who could move such a lump of land without
using some fantastic technique? And then even a trace of this
technology is not visible, no tramped blade of grass. Surely commit
This could only aliens.

Local historians indirectly confirm this version of the villagers,
Since 28 years ago, in the area of ​​Bozai village, a UFO was observed, and
then many people saw him, and then there was talk that
�”Flying saucers” appeared in the area more than once. True,
вскоре интерес alien к казахстанскому аулу и окружающему его
steppes somehow disappeared. But maybe they flew again to
continue searching for something that is not found here that time or
lost? ..

Officials, as is clear, were skeptical of all this
hype, the emergence of television, ufologists and other professionals.
They immediately “asked” to comment on the found “parking
of the alien ship “orthodox scientists, and they easily explained everything:
These are traces of seismic activity. However, the locals have no
earthquakes have not experienced in recent days. Therefore, the official
the explanation did not suit them very much and did not convince in any way. They
continue to wait for ufologists from the capital, and possibly
from Russia who have already responded to this interesting find:
some agreed to come and see the landing place
alien ship …

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