Residents of New Urengoi observed in the skydiamond sun

On the Internet, the Internet is spreading very rapidly with viral
curious photos taken by the inhabitants of New Urengoy, Russia. AT
the worst day in terms of beliefs and superstitions 13
апреля в пятницу над городом взошло странное diamond sun,
which greatly frightened the inhabitants of this northern settlement.

Recall that the New Urengoy informally called gas
the capital of Russia, this city is also notable for the fact that in the summer here
you can watch beautiful white nights, although summer itself is very
short, why the Urengoy people themselves jokingly say that June is theirs –
not summer yet, and August is no longer summer.

In short, all sorts of natural wonders in this northern region
немало, однако diamond sun — это, как говорят свидетели
such a strange celestial phenomenon, too much, and even on Friday 13
numbers! No wonder that the Urengoy was so shocked
fantastic sunrise and even a little scared, someone even
started talking about the end of the world, remembered the mysterious planet Nibiru,
climate weapons and what the hell else.

However, meteorologists rushed to reassure the citizens themselves, and
пользователей ATсемирной паутины, которые уже начали строить самые
fantastic guesses – what is it? AT самом деле, говорят
ученые мужи, diamond sun — определенный оптический обман
of view, simply – “complex halo”, which is most often possible
observe in the mountainous regions, say, the south of Russia. However for
of the northern city, which is New Urengoy, it is in fact
the rarest phenomenon, which is why it caused the inhabitants to have a real

Such a halo may appear due to low temperatures, due to
that in the air are formed numerous ice crystals, which
refract the rays of the rising sun in such a strange manner, which is why
This amazing optical effect occurs.

ATполне возможно, что все это так, соглашаются юзеры Интернета,
that’s just not clear why this happened on the 13th of Friday,
moreover, why did the people of Urengoy never see this before?
What, here before the sun did not rise in such frosty mornings here?
The explanations of scientists, as always, did not satisfy inquisitive minds.
Russians, especially from among those who consider our orthodox
science is a lying maid of the mighty of the world …

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