Residents of Nicaragua mutilate themselves en masse: strangethe disease struck people

This collective madness began in the area where the people live
Miskito, here suddenly showed up a strange affliction, very similar to
mass psychosis. Man suddenly all of a sudden
panic, begins to literally go crazy, while striving into what
whatever it takes to hurt yourself.

It all looks scary and mystically incomprehensible why the inhabitants
of this land of Nicaragua seriously believe that the mysterious obsession
comes from the devil himself. Unfortunately, doctors are not able to
cope with this disease and do not even understand its nature, which is why
belief in obsession is only strengthened.

Note that mass psychosis is not such a rarity in our
the planet. The most famous and vibrant is considered the “dance plague”,
which struck Europe in the first half of the sixteenth century, when people
also for no apparent reason they suddenly began to dance and could not
stop from this delusion. And obsession with insane
dancing, like today’s, was also very similar to contagious
the disease because it was transmitted from one person to another due to
what on the streets of Strasbourg, for example, soon after its manifestation
several hundred people were dancing impetuously, and the city’s authorities
could do to stop this weird coven.

Medicine and then was powerless to do anything, and
now she does not understand anything in this mysterious “epidemic”. how
As a rule, such mass psychoses pass by themselves, also “suddenly”,
as they begin. But what is it? ..

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