Residents of the city of San Bernardino were scaredthe advent of “solar” UFO

Residents of San Bernardino (a small American city,
California State) recently witnessed
mysterious phenomenon – two UFOs appeared in the rays of the morning sun,
which were clearly visible from almost anywhere
of the locality, why soon the video materials about it
event hit the Internet.

As the author of one of the videos received on that day
ufologists (see below), the aliens clearly did not try at least somehow
shelter from the prying eyes of earthlings, apparently hoping that on
background of the sun, they are poorly distinguishable. Indeed, look at these
�”Sunny” UFO was almost impossible, at least
it was difficult to discern any details (and shoot it on video).

By the way, it is the above circumstance that for some reason all the more
scared the Americans, who felt (at least, many of
them) that the aliens are preparing to attack America. And neither
one of the residents of San Bernardino could hardly have explained why
It is on the USA that such an alien invasion is being prepared, why not on
Russia, not to China or India, finally, not to earthly civilization in
overall? ..

Of course, American ufologists, residents of the United
States have to think about it, because over America
unidentified flying objects appear several times more often than
in the sky other parts of the world. Why is this happening, no one knows
but the Americans build their conclusions on this very fact –
The United States is under the gun at the aliens. Why?..

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