Residents of the Earth in August will be able to observeflying comet

Amateur astronomers argue that next month to Earth
a huge comet C / 2017 S3 is approaching, and so close that
it will be visible to the naked eye.

In this regard, many researchers immediately started talking about
the consequences of such a comic “guest”, their fears are based,
firstly, the pictures and the statement of the famous Austrian
astronomer Michael Jager, who on his resource on the Internet
laid out a photo survey of the carrier from space to Earth brightly glowing
ball and also stated:

A huge comet is approaching our planet, its gas cloud
is about 260 thousand kilometers in diameter. For comparison,
it is twice the diameter of Jupiter. Therefore, the C / 2017 S3 can
will be watching from any attic telescope – a great target for
amateur astronomers.

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