Residents of the Earth on July 27 will be able to observeat the same time, two rare astronomical phenomena – “Full Martial” and�”Bloody moon”

On the coming Friday, July 27, two rare
astronomical events. Residents of many Russian cities will be able to
witness the maximum convergence in the last 15 years
Mars and Earth. In addition, we will witness the
lasting for the past century of a lunar eclipse. All this
will happen on the same day for the first time since 1830.

According to some preachers and other religious
personalities, the upcoming cosmic phenomena are forerunners
tragic events and maybe even the end of the world. Moon eclipse
last about 2 hours, and the night light will acquire at this time
blood red hue. According to the biblical
to the texts, the appearance of the red moon indicates the beginning
The Apocalypse.

The hypothesis associated with the “bloody moon”, first voiced in 2014
year American pastors Mark Bilz and John Hagi. Priests
then drew the attention of the world community to the Bible,
stressing that Revelation 6:12 and Acts 2:20 speak of the connection
Doomsday with full moons. In 2014 and 2015, earthlings observed
two lunar eclipses, in 2016 – three, in 2017 – again two. AT
this year, the total number of lunar eclipses will also be two, and
the first of them, we recall, occurred on January 31. However, despite
all the predictions of the clergymen of the end of the world are obviously
until it came.

And now, when another lunar eclipse loomed on the horizon,
Theorists from religion again began talking about the impending destruction of the planet.
These individuals recall that in the book of the Prophet Joel there are
The following lines: “The sun will turn into darkness, and the moon will become blood, and
then the terrible and great Day of the Lord will come. ” Pastors
interpret these words as follows: the sun will be darkened, the moon
will turn red and the Creator will begin to punish mankind for all its

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