Restored appearance “witch”, who died in 1704year

How to find out the appearance of a man who passed away long before
appearance of the photo and was too poor to order your
portrait, or did not want to do it at all, believing by faith
the time that this is a big sin? Fortunately, modern
technology allows you to restore the appearance of the individual by his
the remains. So, the Scottish specialist brought together the appearance
a mysterious woman accused in the early 18th century in

Lilias Edie, whose skeleton was recently discovered under a large stone.
on the coast of the Scottish area of ​​Fife, imprisoned after
the way she allegedly confessed to using black magic. In 1704
year шотландка умерла в заточении прежде, чем ее смогли сжечь на

Forensic Artist Dr. Christopher Winn from the Center for Anatomy
and person identification University of Dundee used photographs
deceased skull to reconstruct her face. Expert

In the history of Lilias, in my opinion, there was nothing that gave
anyone the right to arrest or execute her. This woman is just
became a victim of barbaric customs and superstitions of the time. That’s why I am
did not give it an unpleasant or evil look. As a result, she has quite
Naturally turned out good and calm expression. I will remind you
that in those days women who were accused of witchcraft, or
burned or buried alive, by their choice. Most unhappy
предпочитали умереть на bonfire. If a person actually possessed
with some esoteric abilities, he understood that fire
cleans the soul, and the earth only accepts the body. And death is both in
another case – painful …

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