Reto Knutti and Michio Kaku: a great tremor awaits usEarth!

Famous theoretical physicist Michio Kaku, who not so long ago
warned mankind about the approaching Apocalypse, continued
this topic in a CBS program that was dedicated to hurricanes,
hit the United States of America. In his opinion,
The US government is completely in control of this element.

It turns out that hurricanes, as the scientist claims, generated
artificially using the notorious program HAARP
(Alaska), created by the deep US government, the world elite and
sent for destruction (in this particular case)
American people, although plans for this project are much more
grandiose – to leave, ultimately, on Earth no more than 500
million inhabitants.

Further, Michio Kaku explains in detail how the program works.
How does haarp load nanoparticles into clouds, causing
rain or drought depending on the goal, and
special laser – and future storms.

The statement of the scientist in this scandalous transmission caused a wide
resonance in the circles of scientists, and not only. Famous Swiss newspaper
Tribune de Genev immediately turned to the biologist Reto Knutti (Reto
Knutti), who, firstly, is a world-renowned scientist, and
secondly, a longtime opponent in scientific disputes with Michio Kaku.

Reto Knutti immediately stressed that he was by no means
Michio Kaku wants to catch incompetence, but in general
correctly understanding that on our planet is already in full swing
the struggle against humanity, the theorist physicist misunderstands
who arranged it.

For example, Michio Kaku is unlikely to be able to explain, relying
only on physical laws, why over the Gobi or Sahara desert
never rains, although near the sea and the ocean? And the thing is
that rains, paradoxically for many, cause fungal
disputes that are not in the deserts. This is the mechanism (one of
few biosphere tools) that Michio confuses with the program

Plants, as it has long been proven by biologists, for example, an ecologist
from Western Australia Monica Gagliano (Monica Gangliano), possess
collective mind. That is, the entire biosphere of the Earth is the greatest
the brain, in comparison with which our consciousness is an underdeveloped embryo
(the great Russian scientist Vernadsky wrote about this).

And imagine that humanity for this
superbrain of the Earth (let’s call it customary for convenience
many of the concept of Nature) – all the same, that cockroaches in your home.
While they are swarming somewhere outside the home in small quantities,
nobody pays attention to them. But if they already create
serious problems in the house, they begin to poison and destroy.
Approximately the same does today with us Nature, which
tired of our excesses, threatening to destroy the planet and its biosphere.
And she begins to take serious measures …

When do you poison cockroaches, stresses Reto Knutti, draw
attention, hurt them or not? What is more important to you? Right:
restore order in the house. Nature comes with us
approximately also. And until she destroys us until the same 500
The millions that Michio Kaku mentioned will not calm down. Exactly
such a number of people on Earth, and no longer possessing atomic
warheads, nuclear power plants and other means of destruction of the biosphere,
safe for our planet.

I can’t say everything, the biologist continues, just not
I have rights to that, but notice why the world’s elite suddenly
rushed to fight for the environment, why it does not restore
worn industrial facilities in the US and Western Europe? No one on
it does not allocate money, and in the media while hysteria about the new
world war. And because everything, including the policy of the elite,
configured today to ensure that the planet was as small as possible
people cockroaches – no more than half a billion. Maybe then with Nature
will it be possible to “agree”? Therefore, in the near future, we
in fact, the Earth is shaking, but no one is to blame
climate weapon – it just does not exist. We ourselves are to blame
humanity as a whole, which considered what it can do with this
planet whatever. As if not so …

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