Richard Nixon left a hiding place with the White Houseinformation about aliens

Former US Government Officer Robert Merritt
made an amazing statement. According to an insider, the 37th president
USA Richard Nixon hid in the White House time capsule containing
secret information about UFOs and aliens.

Cache, they say, is deep in the dungeon under the official
the residence of the head of the “citadel of democracy”, and only Nixon himself knew
the exact location of its location. Merritt says President
dared to take such a step after the famous Watergate scandal,
when it became clear to the disgraced statesman that soon
he will lose his high office.

The time capsule was left by the politician to ensure that the future
generations were able to learn the truth about extraterrestrial civilizations and about
the enormous influence they have on our planet. Stash in
particular contains detailed information about a reasonable body
extraterrestrial origin, which captured in the late 40s
last century, the US military. Nixon speaks in his
message that scientists from the Los Alamos National Laboratory in
New Mexico learned to communicate with a guest from another world and received from
him the most valuable information that allowed them to do many
breakthroughs in science and advanced technologies. The president really didn’t want
so that FBI or CIA agents will learn about the disclosure of this secret to them, and
also other policies.

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