Riddles of ancient Taurida: a map of the starry skywhich is 30 thousand years old

Ancient Tauris, or Crimea, which has always been a secret for scientists
under seven seals, still keeps many archaeological and
historical mysteries about which we want to tell you. One of them
– amazing star map that baffles
modern scholars of antiquities: after all, it is 30 thousand years old.

This fantastic map was discovered in 1928 in one of the caves
local historian teacher Anatoly Stolbunov on the outskirts of Simferopol.
A sky map was carved on the mammoth’s blade bone, which
wandered through the Crimean land, as determined by scientists, 30 thousand years
backwards In consequence, Zaporozhye astrophysicist Chernov recognized
this map has 16 constellations of the Northern Hemisphere, as well as 102 stars,
which really exist. But how could they know about all this?
the ancient inhabitants of Taurida?

By the way, Anatoly Stolbunov, in addition to the starry sky, found in
ancient caves near Simferopol dozens of other drawings
performed on the walls and on the bones of animals. Among them, by the way
there were very mysterious compositions that could
see people-animals and people-birds. Besides, the ancient inhabitants
Taurids depicted in these drawings two different types of people, clearly
Cro-Magnon and Neanderthals. Therefore, even a history teacher then
understood: this is an amazing discovery, because it proves that
both of these types of ancient inhabitants of the earth existed simultaneously and
interacted with each other, and therefore reasonable man could not
come from Neanderthal.

The artifacts found by Anatoly Stolbunov were refuted (by
at least, put a serious shadow of doubt) generally accepted
the theory of human evolution, so the history teacher ran into
complete lack of understanding, and even real resistance from
official Soviet science and local authorities. The real has begun
baiting a local historian who allegedly did not do his job. Trying to
to defend his discovery, Stolbunov managed at that time only
publish a few small notes in the press, of which
voluminous and informative article is still considered “Civilization
Chokurchi ”, published in the newspaper“ Soviet Crimea ”.

All artifacts found by a local historian were sent.
�”For further study” in Novosibirsk. Further their traces are lost.
According to one version, the artifacts returned to the Crimea, but the Crimean
workers of museums and historical fonts assure that nothing
like they never saw …

Next time, under the heading “Mysteries of the Ancient Tauris” we will
tell you about another secret of this amazing peninsula.
We assure you, there are a lot of them in Crimea, look to confirm this.
at least a small documentary presented below …

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