Ride the ghost tram: ticket for oneend?..

In Soviet times, in the city of Saratov, there were three
tram depot. A few years after the collapse of the Union of Lenin
The depot was closed and by the beginning of the new century it turned out to be abandoned.
Alexander Sizarov, living in a remote area of ​​Saratov,
used for commuting to and from tram number 11. After
closing the Lenin depot, this tram began to unfold near
Geological College – where was his old ultimate
stop. Rails and wires leading from it to the depot

… Alexander had a very hard work week, and by the end
her boyfriend felt completely exhausted. On friday him
also had to stay at work, and Alexander was carrying home
half-empty tram. He was quite happy with it, and by paying
to the conductor, the guy got more comfortable by the window and closed his eyes …

He woke up because he heard the driver announce in
microphone end station. In the tram, Alexander turned out to be
the only passenger, even the conductor for some reason was no longer there. Behind
windows – solid darkness, which, however, it is not surprising in
late autumn evening. Coming out of the car, Alexander waited until
the tram will leave to go to the opposite side.

The tram turned out to be a ghost

But the tram left – and the guy froze in amazement. Instead
the final stop “geological college” he somehow
turned out to be in an abandoned depot. Around the dilapidated
buildings and sleepers scattered around …

Alexander became really scared: how did he manage
to get to where he simply could not find himself, the rails are scattered and
the wires are cut! .. I also thought about what the local watchmen would say or
guards if he is detained. What did tram number 11 bring him here? Those,
will definitely decide that before them is an ordinary lover of easy
profit, for example, stealing and donating metal.

In a panic, Alexander swept over the abandoned depot, realizing
however, that it is impossible to make noise – and at some point another one happened
a miracle: the guy ran out on a city street. Without thinking again about
than, he read a sign on the near private house and by phone
called a taxi. While the car did not arrive, Alexander is not a step
departed from the gate, fearing that he would be “dragged out” again somewhere
not there. These ten minutes before the arrival of a taxi seemed to him
eternity …

However, having found himself at home safe, Alexander could not
calm down and fall asleep. Instead этого он всю ночь просидел в
Internet, looking for information about an abandoned tramway and

On the next day, having walked around the district, Alexander made sure that
getting on the tram to the depot is absolutely impossible because the rails
absent, like the tram posts, which are enterprising
Saratovtsy long ago dragged, adapting for their economic
needs …

Alexander Sizarov never found a rational explanation for
what happened to him, but since then he has never allowed
myself to fall asleep in public transport …

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