Road, dangerous only at night

It will be about the forest road, and therefore it may seem strange
the statement that it is dangerous at night – any forest, they say,
the road is this. But here is another matter. This mysterious road to
Ulyanovsk region is famous for being on it as soon as it starts
get dark as the devil begins to drive late

Moreover, this road (or rather a certain part of it), located
near the town of Sengiley, at first sight
harmless – straight and not so long. But on the spellbound one
when darkness falls, a strange mist descends, and
the traveler, even well knowing these places, not to mention the random
passerby, can go on the road for an arbitrarily long time, but still
will return to the starting point.

It is not by chance that the locals themselves do not step on this disastrous path with
twilight and other people are not advised to do this –
better wait for the morning.

No one can say for sure why all this happens,
for example, esoterics believe that in such prodigal places
the space is bent and the person starts walking in a circle
(the road closes the ring). Mystics are sure that on this
enchanted road “indulge” demons or really goblin
play tricks, although why it is here and nowhere else, not

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