Robot woman received Saudi citizenshipArabian

It seems that the Arab countries are seriously engaged in the topic of artificial

So, recently we wrote that in the United Arab
Emirates was appointed the first in history. Now saudi
Arabia became the first country in the world where the robot was issued
citizenship. Perhaps this is just a bright advertising move,
designed to pay attention to the brainchild of an American company
�Hanson Robotics, however, the precedent is still very interesting.

The humanoid genobot Sophia, endowed with advanced
artificial intelligence, personally stated that she received
подданство Саудовской Arabian, выступив на местном мероприятии,
dedicated to investment initiatives of the future. Robot reported

I am very proud to be lucky
take up such a position. Robot citizenship is big
historical event for both people and for androids.

Sofia really possesses impressive artificial
intelligence, which she demonstrated to her audience. When
American journalist Andrew Ross Sorkin, who was leading
events, asked fembot why she looks so happy
the quinoid answered:

Because I am very pleased to speak today in front of such
powerful, rich and intelligent people.

Sorkin wondered how the robot could understand if
she self-consciousness, to which Sophia easily retorted:

How do you know if you are self-conscious?

It is noteworthy that last March Sofia gave an interview
her creator, David Hanson, said that she wanted to destroy
all of humanity. The inventor said that the fembot is endowed
peculiar sense of humor, and then in her answer it was clearly
manifestation thereof.

Sofia is a self-learning robot and, moreover, is able to
to express (more precisely, to imitate) emotions. Her face can
become sad, cheerful, dissatisfied or pitiful. Ginoid
programmed to constantly learn from people.
Having talked for a while with any English-speaking person, Sofia
getting a little smarter. She maintains conversations on many topics,
and the list of areas of which she has knowledge is constantly

Arguments about whether artificial intelligence can have any
rights are very serious. If it seems to you that all this
idle indulgence then you are deeply mistaken.

So, obtaining android citizenship of the kingdom has already caused
a flurry of criticism from many residents of the country. Dissatisfied Arabs
report that once a robot is presented as a woman, then it should
was performing with hijab on the head and accompanied
male guardians as required by any woman for laws
Саудовской Arabian.

In addition, many Saudis were outraged by the fact that
some kind of “dummy with a speaker” so just got citizenship
countries, while many labor migrants working here
over the years can not afford to become full citizens
of the state.

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