Rock paintings – petroglyphs provecontacts of ancient people with aliens

The most amazing thing is that the petroglyphs depicting on the stone
strange (at least) aircraft for ancient people,
aliens in space suits, other things that do not fit in
our understanding of the knowledge of humanity of those distant ages
are found in different parts of our planet.

For example, haloes over the heads of aliens (humanoid
creatures), the vimanas on which they move through the air,
completely identical on the cave paintings separated from each other
huge distances and even separated by oceans (at different

That’s why many independent researchers come to the conclusion
that our ancestors were in contact with aliens, and it was
everywhere throughout the earth. Incomprehensible in this case for
it becomes us the fact why today the aliens do not go on
contact with earthlings? However, this is another question, but for now we will
We offer to see petroglyphs (petroglyphs), which
prove all of the above.

Note the artistic reproduction of one and
Petroglyphs discovered in Japan on Joto Island in 1957.
This rock painting was found in a mountain maze.

Cave painting of the many petroglyphs of Kazakhstan, this
found in the Tamgaly-Tas tract. And although Kazakhstan and Japan are separated
thousand kilometers, it seems that people living on
a great distance from each other, they saw in the sky the same
Vimana aliens.

No less interesting and indicative in terms of uniformity (with all
other earth cave paintings of this nature) petroglyphs,
found in Pakistan – in the valley of the Indus River.

But the rock drawing in the form of a rocket (Altai, tract
Kalbak-Tash) at all shows us that the ancient people saw not
only flying vimans, but also space rockets, very similar to
modern earthly.


However, one cannot say for one hundred percent that
aliens today absolutely no contact with the inhabitants of the planet

  • first, people often see them and even take pictures of them and
  • secondly, aliens often take people for some
    own goals, and some of these “returnees” may well
    be proof of such contacts;
  • thirdly, as the conspiracologists argue, aliens have long been
    contact superpower governments (arguably, but not

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