Romanian soothsayer predicts powerfulearthquake

Romanian soothsayer Ioan Istrate specializing in
earthquake predictions are rarely mistaken. It will be more accurate
to say that he is never wrong at all. Every time when
A specialist says that somewhere there will be powerful tremors, and
going on. So when the forecaster recently announced that soon
грядет earthquake магнитудой 8,3 балла с эпицентром в
the seismic zone of Vrancea at the junction of the Romanian and Ukrainian Carpathians,
even the officials were seriously worried.

In recent days, in the region of the Carpathian Mountains, a certain
seismic activity, however, the magnitude of aftershocks is not
so far exceeded 3 points. However, John Istrate claims that
уже очень скоро здесь произойдет разрушительное earthquake
a mark above 8 points on the Richter scale. In the Romanian capital
Bucharest intensity shocks will reach 7 points. �”Underground
storm ”, according to the soothsayer, will also be felt in the west
Russia, Moldova and Ukraine.

Ignoring John’s predictions can be a huge mistake. So,
в 1977 году на Бухарест обрушилось мощнейшее earthquake, из-за
which 33 buildings collapsed, and the number of human victims exceeded
one and a half thousand. Just a few months before Istrate
warned the public about the impending catastrophe with
media, but no one believed him. Now
after 4 decades, the specialist is convinced that disaster
will repeat. It remains to hope that now his words will be perceived by
all seriousness.

By the way, such a forecasting expert would be nice to get
each country, especially it is so important against the background of increasing
seismic activity on Earth.

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