Romaninin moved to live in the house of aliens

Дом инопланетян

The fashion for aliens has returned and is beginning to gain momentum.
So, first seeing the house of an ordinary Romanian family man Robert
Kamner, people enthusiastically poke a finger and scream a UFO. AT
The family Kamner moved from Bucharest a couple of years ago to
when, finally, their dome-shaped building was completed
monolithic dwelling, which according to Kamner has the same
architecture, like aliens. Alien house like his
locals call it even though it looks rather eccentric and even
inconspicuously, still has a lot of advantages. AT нем можно не бояться
no cataclysms, it is resistant to both floods and
earthquakes. Hollow Kamnerov became a real museum
exhibit in the neighborhood. But despite this, the Romanian claims that
built a house not for fun, but so that when they arrive
the aliens, they were where to stay.

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