�Roscosmos claims that the Americans couldspecifically damage the plating of the “Union”

As we have already reported, on the Russian spacecraft “Soyuz
MS-09 “, docked to the ISS, at the end of August suddenly happened
air leakage, as it turned out, due to a microcrack, which
first discovered the German astronaut Alexander Gerst.

Specialists from Roscosmos conducted a thorough investigation and
analysis of the causes of the incident and came to a disappointing conclusion:
the lining of the Soyuz MS-09 was specially drilled by someone from the crew
International Space Station. The hole in the trim is clearly made already
in space, this is indicated by a series of points near it, very characteristic
for work of a drill in airless space where there is no emphasis
for the one who drills.

The Commission concluded, for example, writes
�”Kommersant” with reference to information from “Roskosmos” that
only American astronauts were interested in this sabotage
and their leadership. This was done in order to provoke early
sending “Union MS-09” to Earth, which due to this could
capture a sick crew member from the US. Otherwise
Americans would have to (in case of emergency medical care with
Earth, which they were very worried about) pay for sending to
station of a separate ship. Moreover, to make a hole in the trim
the US astronauts were technically easy: the “Union” docked to
American part of the ISS.

The leadership of NASA, deciding on such a provocation, they say
Russian experts most likely hoped that the “Union
MS-09 “because of the accident urgently evacuates the entire ISS, and when
entering the atmosphere of the Earth, damaged plating along with household
compartment simply would have burned – and everything, as they say, is sewn-covered. TO
to the dissatisfaction of the leadership of NASA, the damage on the ship was
noticed on time and promptly eliminated. Prove and blame
it is very difficult for someone personally and specifically in the current situation,
However, this incident once again shows that with the Americans
it is impossible to cooperate neither on the Earth, nor especially in space – this
just dangerous …

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