Rover curiosity captured on Mars “soaringanomalies

Foreign ufologists leading popular conspiracy
The YouTube channel “The Hidden Underbelly”, viewed images of Mars,
made by NASA’s famous and “inflexible” rover Ciuriosity. On
one of the photos with high resolution, experts
noticed a mysterious detail. More precisely, a great many incomprehensible

The robot captures dozens of dark objects hovering low over.
surface of a distant celestial body. Presented below
video showing the anomalies spread through many
Network resources devoted to phenomena on other planets.

Some users of the World Wide Web believe that Mars is flying
insects – just like on Earth. According to others
commentators, these were birds that were more distant
distance from the rover. Still others suggest that speech
talking about levitating stones. On Красной планете многократно
found fragments of rock and other objects not
subject to gravity, for example, which has already become the talk of the town
Martian “levitating spoon”, so this theory is definitely
has the right to exist. Some conspiracy theories at all
It is believed that this picture, which clearly depicts birds,
perfectly confirms their theory that the Americans are neither on the moon,
nor, moreover, have they flown to Mars and are not going to fly. All of them
space projects – mystification, and the “lunar” and “Martian”
frames are shot on Earth – such landscapes, they say, on our planet
more than enough …

Onконец, скептики говорят, что перед нами дефекты съемки либо
just dust particles on the lens of the rover. One way or another, say
even the most authoritative ufologists and
the experts. Well, representatives of the American national
space agencies, as usual, keep silent, flatly
refusing to comment on another amazing discovery
enthusiasts. However, if we assume that the conspiracy therapists are right,
NASA’s silence in this case is most understandable …

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