Rover “Kyuriositi” found on Mars brillianthemisphere

The popular enthusiast and “space detective” George Graham,
best known to us on the YouTube channel “Streetcap1”, reports
its another amazing discovery on the Red Planet. More precisely
ufologist notes that this discovery was recently made by the rover “Curiosity”,
however, NASA scientists traditionally ignored it.

This is a mysterious brilliant hemisphere, which turned out to be among
placer of martian stones. Graham reports the following:

I do not know what it is specifically, but this object is clearly
reflects light. Apparently, it consists of metal. I think
it’s about a kind of hemisphere, and it looks like it is levitating over
surface of mars. This item looks out of place there as
lost wrist watches in the forest. Judging by the marks on the top
the ground, the rover spent quite a lot of time digging up the area
around the subject to take a picture of it.

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