Russia, as a receiver of the USSR, in spacedevelopments still ahead of the rest?

Despite all the achievements of the United States in space exploration, which
are more advertised thanks to NASA than are actually realized
Many analysts believe that Russia, as the successor of the Soviet
Union, remains the leading space power. About it
more eloquent than any statements and public demonstrations say
recent achievements of the Russian Federation in this area.

Russia creates a nuclear satellite with a laser irradiator

The Russian Space Agency “Roscosmos” announced
the development of a spacecraft that will work on a nuclear
energy. This device will be equipped with a laser irradiator for
remote recharging of electricity other unmanned
devices in Earth orbit. This innovation will allow
to domestic scientists to stably maintain our
orbital satellites with minimal effort.

Creating an advanced space complex with a function
directional transmission of electricity through a laser
radiation was assigned to the design office “Arsenal”. During
next year, St. Petersburg engineers and designers will provide
The main characteristics of the satellite will determine its design options.
appearance, will develop ways of removing the device on the near-Earth
orbit and decide how to deal with the device when
abnormal situations. It is reported that nuclear power output
installation will be 100-1000 kilowatts.

Recall that last year, space rocket specialists
Corporation “Energy” in the Queen successfully completed ground
testing a laser emitter by transferring energy to it
distance of 1.5 kilometers. In this work on space
nuclear fuel vehicles have been conducted in Russia since 2010.
Some experience in the development of such complexes was still in
Soviet Union, where they created more than 30 pieces. In 1978, one of
them – the satellite of the naval intelligence “Cosmos-954” – fell in Canada, which
caused a grand international scandal. The USSR was forced then
pay compensation of several million dollars.

Russia put a unique military device into orbit

In turn, the aerospace troops of the Russian Federation recently
experienced the world’s first maneuvering controlled satellite, aiming
which, among other things, will bring together and destroy
other orbital objects

True for the new Russian spacecraft this will be
far from a priority task. As stated in the Ministry of Defense
Russian Federation, this innovative project was required in
first of all in order to evaluate the orbital functional
satellites of other countries.

Note, the program for the development of such military vehicles have
both in the United States and in China. A definite race for the military
superiority in space has been a long time since modern
war requires an ever more sophisticated weapon
space communications and navigation, and without satellite protection in this
case is no longer enough.

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