Russia began to “print” organic tissue inspace

Россия стала первой страной, начавшей использовать в space
bioprinter – an innovative device that allows “print”
organic tissue with preservation of cell viability. Cosmonaut
Oleg Kononenko, located on the International Space Station,
�“Printed” by means of such a technology a miniorgan of a mammal.
The initiator of the unusual project was the domestic laboratory
Biotechnology Research 3D Bioprinting Solutions.

Initially, experts planned to deliver a bioprinter to
The ISS was still in October of this year, but this was prevented by the accident
MS-10 ”, which he was on board. Fortunately holding
this experiment did not stop, because as soon as possible
in Russia, a bioprinter doubler was manufactured and successfully delivered to the ISS.
After almost two months, the unit was successfully transported to
The orbit where Oleg Dmitrievich used it. Kononenko was trained
work with the device earlier. According to the results of the experiment, the astronaut
succeeded in growing mouse miniorgans, namely the thyroid construct
glands and cartilage tissue.

It is noteworthy that American scientists and astronauts are planning
to conduct a similar experiment only next year,
presumably spring. Working with a bioprinter is quite
complex process that is desirable to carry out in conditions
lack of gravity. Due to the fact that the state of weightlessness
available to a person just outside of our “blue ball”,
it was decided to carry out experiments on the “printing” of organs precisely on
International Space Station.

In theory, the technology of tissue and organ bioprinting can be widely
used to treat many diseases and get
medicines, in particular against oncological ailments. what
concerns more distant perspectives, then similar technologies
According to scientists, probably the statute is irreplaceable during colonization
humanity of other planets. Say, through bioprinter
It will be possible to create not only medicines, but also full-fledged
organs for transplantation.

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