Russia breaks off cooperation with the United Statesspace

The confrontation of Russia and the United States, which recently
the time has reached catastrophic limits
that the Russian corporations Roscosmos and Rosatom decided
terminate any further contracts with
American space companies.

In simple terms, the collaboration between the two
superpowers in the space sphere is over. Maybe not
forever, but in this case Russia does not see opportunities for such
activities when the leadership of the United States in their
relations with Russia began to prefer to be guided in
mainly sanctions and threats.

Some foreign experts believe that they will suffer.
not only the United States, but also Russia itself, but the latter already has experience
work without America and Europe under the onslaught of absolutely no one
necessary and, all the more unfounded (neither economically, nor
politically) sanctions. And while Russia, in the end, only
wins. Therefore, it must be assumed that in the space sphere
The Russian Federation will do without the United States, and this is for her
will only benefit.

At the same time, as reported by IA Nation News, the European Space
the agency intends to strengthen such cooperation with Roscosmos,
in particular, to conclude a deal as soon as possible in the field of joint
mastering the moon. This is what says, for example,
ESA Director General Jan Varner:

Political problems are now overwhelming the whole world, including
Western European countries that are increasingly in conflict with Russia.
This, of course, is sad, but for the time being it is good that
сотрудничества в space с РФ мы можем преодолеть эти чисто земные
disagreement. Moreover, the European Space Agency may
really make a significant contribution to the implementation of the Russian lunar

By the way, we add that Russia is already thoroughly preparing to launch
small landing module “Luna-25”, which can occur in
next year 2019, and regardless of the American space
ambitions and claims for their “moon property” (read about this
an article on our website “The Americans declared the moon their territory.”
By the way, in Russia it was clearly hinted that during this mission
you can easily check whether the Americans were actually on the moon …

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