Russia intends to settle for all countriesspace exploration of minerals

A meeting of the legal
United Nations Committee on
space. The Russian side plans to speak on it.
will call on the states of the world to introduce a single ban on appropriation
minerals in space.

Domestic officials want an international Treaty of
major changes have been made to the space that will ban any
the country is simply so to extract resources on the moon, asteroids and other
heavenly bodies surrounding our “blue ball”. With this law
will have to apply to all countries equally.

The space treaty was already revised in 2015. Then into it
made edits that gave mining companies the right to mine,
assignment, possession, transportation and implementation of space
mineral. The contract was for some reason adopted exclusively in
unilaterally, that is, no one except the United States
received permission, for example, to drill the moon and asteroids. It caused
many objections from other states, but seriously
to cross the UN and the “citadels of democracy” during these two years no one
dared to. Now Russia declared that the pro-American amendments to
Space treaties compromise international space

Russia seeks only to bring mining into the framework of the law.
fossil beyond the Earth

Someone will say that the Russian Federation is simply not able to
keep up with the West and, losing the space race, trying though
would prevent competitors from extracting resources beyond the Earth to
do not end up losing. Do not get the same, they say
to anyone. Many foreign media have already started talking about it in
ironically, stating that Russia will not be able to receive resources in
space, and therefore intends to ban it and others. Unfortunately,
such journalists do not understand or do not want to understand which
In fact, the goal is pursued in this turn by Russia, and out of habit
demonize any of her initiative.

In fact, our officials ask many important
questions. For example, how will the boundaries of the sites be determined
mineral? You can’t just stick in an asteroid or
another planet spade and say: this is now my territory. what
will happen in case of robbing an alien mine? Will it be possible
to judge thieves? If so, according to what laws? what делать, если
several states will simultaneously claim the same
is the alien ore mine? Is it safe to mine natural
riches on the moon, which is in very fine harmony with

Conspiracy therapists and ufologists about mining in

Until all these issues are resolved internationally.
legislative level, no country in the world should have the right
arbitrarily extract resources outside of our planet. However,
many conspiracy therapists only laugh while watching this sharing
skins of an unkilled bear. According to supporters of conspiracy theories,
mankind is generally not able to fully travel to
asteroids and other planets (even the famous flights of Americans on
The moon is subject to great doubt), the more set there
hardest drilling equipment to use it and
to transport tons of natural wealth to Earth.

For some reason we forget, ufologists write in turn, and about
aliens whose presence on the moon is almost proven: not
Did they drive both Americans and Russians from there? Presence
aliens seen on other planets of our solar system –
and this is also an indisputable fact. Moreover, the aliens themselves are in full
steal minerals of the Earth, probably, also come from
other planets SS. And how to be in this case? Is the UN able to
their laws also rein in the newcomers, but this one, has long been
formal international organization cannot even stop
American aggression on our planet …

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