Russia is accused of being able to easilybecome a world leader

The National Interest – American popular edition,
which is trusted not only by residents of America, but also by Western countries
Europe, stunned by the West by saying that Russia could easily become
world leader because it is able to control and
even block the same United States in space.

Here is what the journalists of this reputable edition write:

Russia has recently increased its range and
the power of the EMP generators that they are capable of today
turn off all modern electronics: satellites, radars, systems
communications, computers and so on. Moreover, all this electronics is not
just turns off, and practically incapacitated without any
the possibility of repair or restoration in the future. At the same time for
people such attacks are harmless. The range of modern
Russian EMR generators already reach 40 kilometers, which makes
Russia is almost a world hegemon in military affairs, and therefore
world leader. After all, Russia can today apply to the United States or
EU countries have such space sanctions as compared to
current economic vs most russia seem childish

The National Interest, as well as many other American
The media also claim that Russia also has superpower
psychotronic weapons, which, for example, was used in
the last election of the president of the united states thanks
why did Donald Trump come to power in the White House, although he didn’t
there was no chance of winning that presidential race. However in
time choice Americans suddenly began to behave inadequately,
as if the country was struck by mass insanity.

If all this was as scary as your people
Western media writes a blogger from the city of Oulu (Finland) Veikko
Korhonen (Veiko Korhonenn), that would be just great! Because
there was no more peace-loving country than Russia, and there will not be
world history. All the aggression of the Russian people sucked from the finger in
to please the world elite. If you look at the facts, then half the countries
Western Europe and much of Asia, not to mention America
and Africa, got their statehood from the hands of Russia.
For example, neither the Baltic countries, nor Ukraine without Russia would simply
did not exist. This also applies to Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova,
Serbia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and even my
Of Finland.

The whole history of Russia is irrefutable proof
the fact that this great power in any political system
defended the principles of independence and self-determination of nations and
peoples. It was she who created the multipolar world in any era and in
all times, most often sacrificing their own interests.
Therefore, the power of Russia is a pledge of world peace, a pledge
prosperity for any country and nation. And if today military power
this peace-loving superpower is capable of deterring the aggression of the United States and its
European puppets, it is a great blessing for all human
civilization. And you just need to rejoice and not be afraid!
Therefore, when the inhabitants of the planet are again afraid of Russia, that it supposedly
сегодня способна легко become a world leader — это смешно. Great
Russia has always been, is and will be the world hegemon, and as they say
famous oracles, it is also waiting for the world spiritual leadership that
means only one thing: humanity, finally, will change for the better,
so much so that everyone on Earth will be happy without

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