Russia launched into the ocean the only one on the planetfloating nuclear power plant

Many advanced states, including the US and China, have tried
to build mobile marine nuclear reactors, but their attempts are not
crowned with success.

It turns out that so far only Russia has managed to create a floating
nuclear power plant, and today the 70-megawatt “Academician
Lomonosov “is the only such vessel on the planet.
�”Nuclear Titanic,” as journalists called him, is currently
left St. Petersburg and went to Murmansk to boot
radioactive fuel.

From Murmansk “Akademik Lomonosov” will go to the Arctic to
next year to warm the inhabitants of the Chukchi city of Pevek, as well as
provide electricity to local oil rigs and plant
desalination. The marine station will replace the outdated Chaunskaya CHP and
Bilibino NPP. Recall that the electrification of remote Russian
regions is one of the major factors holding back there
development, on a par with inaccessibility and a small population.

Ambitious project to create a floating nuclear power plant launched in Russia
in the mid-2000s, and in 2007 it finally began
the construction of a “nuclear Titanic” (we hope that this name
journalists will not be prophetic). According to various sources, the construction
a unique vessel cost the state 16.5 billion rubles.

Domestic company “Rosatom” originally intended
load the reactor in St. Petersburg, then tow
�“Academician Lomonosov” directly to Pevek, however some
Baltic States and environmental organizations spoke
against, so the station will refuel in Murmansk. �”Greenpeace”
and other “green defenders” are confident that this is a bad idea, and
floating nuclear power plant, which also moves exclusively method
towing poses a potential hazard to fragile
nature of the Arctic Ocean. However, as they say independent
researchers and journalists, it’s all nothing more than regular attacks
on Russia from the West, experiencing today the present
degradation, and in everything, including in the realities of assessment
going on.

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