Russia plans to explore Marianahollow

One of the greatest mysteries of our planet is the Mariana Trench.
She still remains virtually unexplored. However, even those
little information that scientists have received about this very deep-sea
the points of our planet surprise and even frighten us in something.

First, it seems surprising that
this breathtaking depth is life. Secondly,
researchers face in this case not only with primitive
marine animals that have adapted to life in these fantastic
conditions, but also with some mysterious phenomena, which really
we know nothing and are not even able to come close to studying
these secrets of nature.

Given all this, Russian scientists have planned to study
The Mariana Trench, and for this purpose it is already being prepared.
special equipment – the Vityaz bathyscaphe and a special bottom
station. This is what the project manager says about this,
carried out by the Foundation for Advanced Studies (FPI), Victor

Мы планируем опуститься в Марианскую hollow осенью 2019 года.
Before that, we will have to work out the immersion, what will happen
already coming spring in the Black Sea. Then in the summer we move on to the Quiet
the ocean to be ready for autumn to conquer the biggest
world depth. Everything is going according to plan, all the necessary equipment.
we are trained by specialists of the Central Design Bureau of the Marine
Rubin equipment is quite reliable and fast, by January the necessary
�”Iron” will be ready …

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