Russia plans to install new stationsspace debris detection

Similar Russian complexes already exist in South Africa and Brazil,
thanks to which Russia quite successfully searches and
detection of various space objects at an altitude of up to 50 thousand

Such stations allow you to avoid dangerous
convergence of space satellites with debris, which is in Earth orbit
getting bigger and bigger. In case of breakage or destruction
of one or another apparatus a similar complex accompanies them during
enter the atmosphere and, if possible, send them to the safest
sections of the ocean.

However, Russia has a need to install
additional, more modern optoelectronic stations
space debris detection, одна из которых могла бы
located in New Zealand, covering the territory of the Pacific Ocean.
However, negotiations with the leadership of New Zealand have not yet been conducted.
about this, this possibility is only being considered.

It is possible that the same station will be located in Mexico. WITH
This country is already negotiating on this issue, in the current
month, an affirmative response is expected from the Mexican

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