Russia with the help of “Rudolph” can easily shoot downsatellites

Representatives of the defense complex of Russia have repeatedly stated
оружие будущего, которое будет способно сбивать вражеские satellites.
And today such a complex called “Rudolf” is practically
ready for acceptance into service with the Russian Federation since 2018.

According to the publication Tezar News, this was stated at the last
Meeting in the Federation Council Oleg Achasov – Deputy Head
Central Research Institute of the Ministry of Defense of the country. In addition to “Rudolph,” added
Head, created and ground complex “Tirada-2C” –
радиоэлектронное оружие, способное поражать satellites на орбите
Of the earth.

But that’s not all, in the coming years for Russia’s arsenal
The S-500 SAM systems will arrive, unique hypersonic rockets for
Su-35C fighters and much more. Apparently, voiced only
what they may know even in the camp of the enemy, and about the most important
Armament, which is in the Russian Federation, while we are not talking.
This rearmament program of the Russian Federation will be submitted for signature
President Vladimir Putin no later than December 15th.

No wonder that the Commander-in-Chief of the combined forces in Europe
Curtis Scaparotti said the other day that NATO military units
we must learn to work again with paper maps and compasses,
since Russia is able to bring all modern navigation
technique in minutes.

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