Russian advanced weapons, includingagainst drones

Developers of the Kalashnikov concern demonstrated
to the visitors of the Army 2017 Forum, which is currently taking place
moment in the suburbs, its new product – electronic device
against drones.

This “gun” doesn’t shoot bullets, however it can easily
turn off Wi-Fi signals, mobile communications, suppress GPS, GLONASS,
the most “knocking” (planting) unmanned vehicles. Name new
�”Kalashnikov small arms” – REX-1, it is equipped
collimator sight, tactical grip and necessary
mounted equipment. This device, according to the developers,
will be very effective in the fight against improvised explosives
devices, “hooliganism in the sky”, not to mention more serious
military tasks.

Recall that the Russian concern “Kalashnikov” is
largest producer of all kinds in our country
high precision automatic and sniper guided weapons
shells and much more. Its products are in demand today.
almost thirty countries around the world, and the famous AK effectively
used almost everywhere – he still does not have
worthy competitors, given its high accuracy,
reliability, ease of use and maintenance, and
relatively low cost.

We add that the forum “Army 2017” was presented almost 19
thousands of advanced achievements of the military-industrial complex of Russia,
from the ultra-modern T-14 Armat tank, the only such
level in the world, before the innovative equipment of Russian
military personnel, which includes, for example, the invisibility cloak and
anti-mine shoes. Large-scale military exhibition in
near Moscow Kubinka visited experts and guests from more than a hundred
countries of the world. Today the business program of the forum is completed, until 27
August, its doors are open for free visits.

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